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We own an efficient and environmentally friendly manufacturing plant and supporting infrastructure to produce our gloves. Our Plant has been carefully designed to incorporate the following features:

a) Energy Efficiency

Our production lines apply the latest energy-efficient technologies, such as high-efficiency electrical motors, chillers and compressed air systems. Natural lighting and ventilation feature prominently in all our buildings.

b) Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is a staple in Dynacare’s glove production process. We apply solar photovoltaic systems to generate solar power for our own consumption.

c) Water Efficiency

Glove manufacturing is a water-intensive industry. Water is used in washing, flushing, diluting, compounding and many other processes.

Our Plant employs an advanced wastewater/industrial effluent treatment system to properly treat wastewater before its discharge. Our Plant also incorporates a reverse-osmosis recycling system for treated wastewater to be reused.

d) Emission and Solid Waste Management

Our production lines incorporate scrubber systems to filter out and neutralise the excess chlorine used in our production process. We send sludge cakes from our wastewater treatment plant for proper disposal.

e) Sustainable sourcing

Sustainable sourcing is an essential part of our procurement supply chain management. We integrate ESG factors into our selection of vendors and suppliers. We identify purchasing categories in which environmental sustainability efforts may achieve success, develop policies such as supplier code of conduct, and clearly explain our environmental sustainability goals and expectations from suppliers.

f) Computerised Control and Monitoring System

Our Plant is fitted with a fully automated computerised control and monitoring system (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System, or SCADA) for seamless control of our manufacturing processes. This reduces manual intervention, increasing our productivity and operational efficiency.

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